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I'm not really sure if this is something I'm allowed to post here, but I'll give it a try anyway, since it does have to do with writing...

I recently decided to not work on my Trinity story anymore, at least not for a while. I realized I was writing darker than usual, and I think that scared me. Plus, I was getting ideas for another story that's been in the back of my mind lately. The story has no name yet, but I've already created a seperate LJ account for it. The LJ is mysticmoonblade. All posts with my ideas/characters/world building stuff will be friendslocked, so please comment to the first entry/the most recent entry you can see if you do not already somehow have it added and tell me:

-What community you're from.
-Why you want to be added, other than the obvious reasons.
-Your name, something about yourself and your writing?
-The link to any LJ's you use for your own writing/world building/whatever.

The story- maybe series, not sure yet- is a fantasy story. I tend to not finish my stories for whatever reasons, so it would be nice to have some more people to help motivate me into writing this thing- writing more than five chapters- and finishing it.


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