Khem (biscuithead) wrote in storyzine,

The Panda Thief

by Khem Myrick (Copyright 1998)

Once upon a time, in 1997, in the far away land of Myroke, there lived a race of magical pandas known as enchandas. One particular enchanda named Erwin Vil, was selling stereotypes, a special type of glasses he invented. The people who looked through the glasses would see light in bright colors, but nothing clearly.

One day, Erwin saw some enchanda cubs playing propaganda, the enchanda variation of tag. Suddenly, one ran smack into Erwin.

"Oh, excuse me!" said Erwin, "My name is Erwin, what is yours?"

"It was my fault really", said the cub, "and my name is Caricature, but you can call me Cari. What are those you are carrying? "

"These?" said Erwin, "these are stereotypes. I am selling them, do you want to buy one?"

"Sure!" replied Cari, She took money out of her pocket, paid for the stereotypes, and immediately put them on. No sooner than they were covering her eyes did Erwin attack her, beat her unconscious then took all her money and the stereotypes she had just bought.

Soon the news of the enchanda thief spread through Myroke. Everyone heard about it except for the cubs, who do not like reading newspapers.

A week later the cubs were playing propaganda in the park again. Erwin was once again selling stereotypes.

Eventually a cub walked over to him. "Greetings and salutations," he said, "My name is Biblio. Are you selling those?"

"My name is Erwin and yes I am. They are called stereotypes."

"I shall take one," said Biblio. He took out the money and paid Erwin. He put on the stereotypes with overflowing excitement. Instantly, Erwin punched him out, and took his money and the glasses.


THE MORAL: Unless you learn from your history, you are doomed to repeat it.
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