teh_biel (teh_biel) wrote in storyzine,

Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror eZine on the hunt for new writing talent.

Hi all,

I'm co-editor of a new quarterly eZine called Pantechnicon, and it's on the hunt for new writing talent.

It doesn't pay (boo, hiss), but it does promise to publish your stories, articles, etc alongside interviews and other stuff by actual famous published writers. We don't charge anyone to read it, we don't pay the celebs for their time, we just hope to find good writers in our genres and help them reach a wider audience. Fab people who helped with Issue One include Michael Marshall Smith, Simon Clark, and Stuart Manning.

There's an LJ for the 'zine here pantechnicon and the website is http://www.pantechnicon.net

Look forward to seeing you!

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